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Viewed gang slight may be motive in 2019 Long Beach Halloween party

A viewed gang minor from a video might have triggered a shooting at a 2019 Halloween celebration, which eliminated three and hurt nine, in the backyard of a Rose Park community home in Long Beach, according to court statement Wednesday, March 17.

Seven guys charged in the case, who have each been charged with 3 counts of murder and nine counts of tried murder in relation to the shooting, sat and listened as 3 witnesses and two Long Beach detectives testified during a preliminary hearing, where a judge will choose if enough proof exists to have the guys stand trial.

They allegedly traveled in three SUVs from North Long Beach to the home, in the 2700 block of East Seventh Street, prior to three of them opened fire on a crowd in the backyard from a street as they celebrated a birthday with a Halloween-themed party, authorities have actually said.

Cops Chief Robert Luna said in September 2020 that the case was that of incorrect identity and the suspects, all declared gang members, pre-planned the attack thinking rival gang members were at the party.

Nevertheless, statement presented Wednesday revealed a connection between one of the party-goers and among the accuseds.

Timmy Ngoy, a colleague of celebration host Daniel Chan, was picked up by one of the suspects, Jeremy Penh, at midday the day of the shooting, Ngoy testified Wednesday. The two had actually known each other for 12 years, he said, which afternoon they went to a noodle house near Anaheim Street and Raymond Opportunity.

While at lunch, Ngoy welcomed Penh to Chan’s celebration, however Penh decreased and apparently told Ngoy he didn’t like Chan due to the fact that he saw a video where Chan was “disrespecting Jeremy’s gang,” Ngoy stated without using specifics. How Penh discovered the video was also not disclosed.

Penh later dropped Ngoy off at his home about 3 p.m., he stated.

Ngoy, who also said he had related to other members of Penh’s gang however was not a gang member, got to Chan’s home around 8:30 p.m. The majority of the visitors, much of whom dealt with the 2 at the Hollywood Park Gambling establishment, showed up later around 10 p.m., Chan stated.

About that time, Ngoy stated Penh called him through Facebook.

” He informed me to go inside,” Ngoy said. However when Ngoy asked why, Penh hung up.

Fearing something bad might happen, Ngoy told Chan about the call and the two got everyone inside while they stayed out and looked around for possible problem.

However Penh called once again and asked Ngoy why he told everybody to go inside, then hung up again without saying anything else, Ngoy said.

Seeing no risk, Chan’s daddy told him to let everyone come back outside after about 20 minutes, Chan said.

Quickly afterward, Ngoy and Chan both said they heard gunshots from the alley. Ngoy ran behind a shed, while Chan remained in a blind area to the side of the house with his father and a good friend, he testified.

Twelve individuals were struck. The 3 fatal victims– Melvin Williams, 35, of Gardena; Ricardo Torres, 28, of Inglewood; and Maurice Poe Jr., 25, of Long Beach– were all struck in the head, according to Detective Matt Mattia as he checked out criminal activity scene pictures while affirming Wednesday.

The female whose birthday was being commemorated was shot in the chest, however made it through. Another lady was left paralyzed.

” It was disorderly,” Mattia stated of arriving to the home an hour after the first 911 calls came in. Long Beach Fire Department personnel had actually established two tarps to triage the victims depending upon the intensity of their injuries, he said.

The majority of the bullet housings were found in the alley, but 3 were found just within the concrete block wall near the back of the yard, he said.

Chan and Ngoy admitted in testimony that they at first lied to cops about what preceded the shooting and they excluded Ngoy’s connection to Penh. Ngoy admitted the connection on Sept. 3, 2020 after “private investigators raided my home and had information on me that I had contact with Jeremy.”

The arrests were announced by police 5 days later.

Ngoy said he lied to cops at first because he didn’t want to be associated with the investigation. Chan said he lied since he wished to protect Ngoy, who was frightened.

Deputy District Lawyer Cyndi Barnes also presented video monitoring showing that, prior to the shooting, three cars satisfied at an Arco filling station near the corner of Orange Opportunity and South Street before traveling in tandem down Orange to Seventh Street.

Dashcam from a work truck caught the three SUVs make a left turn onto Ohio Avenue from Seventh Street. Automobile registration information showed the 3 SUVs came from loved ones of Penh who are charged in the case, 20-year-old David Heng Long of Long Beach and 41-year-old Joshua Sam of Paramount, Mattia stated.

The other offenders consist of:

Kaylin Thik, 21, of Long Beach

Ryan Sim, 18, of Long Beach

Christopher Williams, 29, of Redlands

Grant Johnson, 36, of Orange.

Nevertheless, no evidence had yet been presented identifying any of the suspects as supposed shooters or detailing the extent of any of their roles in the shooting. The hearing will continue in Long Beach Superior Court on Thursday, when the judge might make his judgment.

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