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First of the summertime wines: picnic red wine, cocktail recipes and what to

It’s official, spring 2021 is the season of picnic. Picnic central. Constraints relaxing, we’ll be going alfresco all over with even the smallest smell of sunshine. Whether it remains in a park, on the beach, in our garden or sitting out on the street in collapsible chairs, we will be there with cooler boxes, rugs and knotted hankies on our heads. It’s going to resemble Wimbledon, Glastonbury, Glyndebourne and the Faversham Cherry Festival all rolled into one. Every day.

With 2020 behind us, certainly you require no assistance putting a picnic together, so now’s the possibility to up your fantastic outside game with advice on which wines to bring and how to serve them, including day-appropriate mixers particular to put a spring in your action.

The devices

As soon as upon a time, you ‘d discover a suitably peaceful spot with simply the right amount of shade, lay out the rug, unpack the picnic, get the perfectly-chilled wine, and just then understand that nobody had actually brought the corkscrew. Well, this need never ever take place once again thanks to, mostly, the Australians for taking the stigma out of screw caps. Just twist and serve. Simple.

What else will you need? A portable cooler box is a good start, plus great deals of ice, ice bag and a cooler coat that fits over the bottle. Chill your wines down as much as possible before heading out, including the reds. On a hot day a cooled red is tasty and it will warm up very rapidly. That’s assuming the sun is going to come out. On an overcast August day, a glass of space temperature level merlot may be just the ticket.

If you’re picnicking by a river or pond, you can cool your red wine the old-fashioned way by connecting a piece of string around the neck, putting the bottle in the cold water and attaching the other end to a tree. Ensure you do this firmly or you’ll make yourself really out of favor when the bottle drifts away or is taken by a gang of marauding swans.

As for drinking vessels, do not take your finest glasses: durable paper cups are fine or if it has to be glass, Duralex tumblers are pretty solid. Likewise bring a container to make cocktails in. Fruit, garnishes and so forth ought to all be pre-sliced. You don’t want to be mucking about with a sharp knife and a chopping board when there’s kites to be flown.

Wine and food matching

This doesn’t have to be a sommelier-level occasion– nor, really, can it be. Can you imagine wine and food matching on a picnic? Are you going to find a wine that goes completely with sausages, brie, and hummus? By the way, never ever blend brie with hummus, they do not get on.

I ‘d advise bringing a lightly oaked or unoaked chardonnay, such as Lindeman’s Bin 65. It’ll be especially excellent with a quiche or cold chicken but will choose basically anything. If your picnic is leaning towards the meaty or you’re grilling then a not-too-hefty Australian shiraz, such as Lindeman’s Bin 50, is perfect, particularly as they tend to be much fresher than they as soon as were.

Oh, and who does not like champagne on a picnic? A good bottle of fizz turns a meal alfresco into a celebration.

Wine mixed drinks

White wine is an excellent base for a mixed drink. It might be as easy as a spritzer– just white wine or rosé with ice, carbonated water and a piece of lemon, or something a bit more included. Here are a couple that always go down well:


This is the ultimate picnic mixed drink. No measuring required. The name originates from old Italian males who would wobble house on their bicycles after a couple in the evening. All you need is some crisp gewurztraminer like a Lindeman’s Bin 85 pinot grigio or Bin 95 sauvignon blanc, a bottle of Campari, Aperol or sweet vermouth, ice and carbonated water. Integrate equivalent amounts of Campari and gewurztraminer in an ice-filled glass, top up with fizzy water, stir, and garnish with an olive and an orange piece. You might swap the still white wine for gleaming, in which case it ends up being a spritz.


Constantly a favourite and a terrific method of lowering alcohol levels, so it’s particularly revitalizing on a hot summertime’s day. There are great deals of recipes that involve macerating fruit and sugar or including Spanish brandy, but for an instant picnic Sangria, simply include 3 parts red wine (something fresh and soft, such as Lindeman’s Bin 40 merlot will do nicely), 2 parts lemonade and one part fresh orange juice to an ice-filled container, stir and include sliced up oranges, lemons and mint. Including a splash of Campari will take your sangria to the next level.

So there you have it– some handy tips for picnic drinking nirvana. Just keep in mind, you can prepare as much as you want but, sadly, you can’t organise the weather. Have a backup strategy, or you’ll be consuming biciclettas in the car as the rain puts down. Concern think of it, what could be more British than that?

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